Serenity Now (ft. DGA)

by Underbelly

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New single featuring my man the Dopest Gringo Alive aka the DGA aka Brother Sandman. Check out his other tunes here:


released September 5, 2013



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Underbelly Santa Barbara, California

He sighed, knowing everything is unfini

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Track Name: Serenity Now
Tryna make my life physically glisten,
A city of pretty people all ready to listen,
Color and thought, rubble to rock readily written,
Steadily drop bombs till the knowledge is livin,

Beauty in a bottle-shaped body prolly got me
On a one-way method to a one-day ending
Where everybody stop and talk and look at him
A Sunday sentiment with some dame present in

The church lord glory it hurts to reminisce,
How’d it come to this, some days he wish he didn’t miss
She’s lookin lovely and I miss something,
Why the fuck I need a vision of what love bring

Should be down by the river roughhousing and kickin it
Bucklin down livin cus subtler sounds imminent
Touchin down, welcome myself, bring me the president,
Sun Tzu, klaatu barada nikto the mega-mix

Flavor of Dagobah swampin cerebellums,
Remote control couch, southern antebellum
So listen close, step back, Imma blow it up
Floin a sure thing as Super pickin Lois up

Ay… I think I’m growin up
…And if I’m blinkin slow enough
… I can catch an image of a woman getting to it,
Going rough and showing love and showin up

Dirty mind, certified murder eyes
Some days type to only be about his merchandise
Serve a banger beat up wit a burger, fries
Stir it in a rhythm and get it or it’ll hurry by

Scented, get down like unmentioneds
Resonate, levitate, stick it to the resin
All it is fitting cus he’s needin a livin
So he leave a beat smitten to his given fly gimmicks

Called by nature, mind raised in Asia
Caveman came up straight to brain trust
Bang bang till the blood beep hang up
A brother live once, no wonder that I may run

Yeller-belly elephant, elegant quick
Spit it wet as a pelican pick up a belly of fish
Hell yes, fully comprehensive
Proceed to precede the proceeds, lowly, pensive

Hermit… learnin gentleman beatnik
Slick, slippin the net clownfish comedic
Settle in and get wit it Tempur Pedic
I’m ever being a clever being headed to believe it