The Other West Side (ft. Soul Cousin)

by Underbelly

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Based off the original nightly beat:

With raps from Soul Cousin:


released August 18, 2013

Mastered by Tarekith at Inner Portal Studios.



all rights reserved


Underbelly Santa Barbara, California

He sighed, knowing everything is unfini

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Track Name: The Other West Side (ft. Soul Cousin)
coloquial post a potent dopeness till it overfills
over kill range rover rolling over cobra-ville
killing every snake in the grass with the big guns
idol hands tap live wire me a kick drum

make some noise if you born in the 90s
fuck wit 2 centuries, who remember 03?
I was cutting paper for some hippie school poetry
now im cutting breaks and i spit a flow dopefully

oversees post at ease with the coterie
and folks you see we tear it up at shows indeed
wana say you seen a sicker circuit serving chivalry
instantly taking what i want i want infinity

flippancy richer than a hippie in a limozine
levitating grace over imagery in a dream
instigate creation of the newer doper music feed
get the news dancing but you still be asking who is he?

fresh blood to rock the new stage
i got the bad beats i got the young age
i got the new sound i got a hype crowd
i got to cloud 9, to reighn and say JEAU

this rapping from a stranger
call me al capone shogun the lone ranger
but my name i soul cousin brother the danger
star hot flow to ice cold glacier race ya

any way you weave it ive seen it il beat it
im flowing off the top like nobody who prooceeded
you need it you wonder what the beat is
its motherfucking timmy T linetski with the sweetest

glad to be here drown a sound thats meager
so slow speakers and stolen beats can leave the theatre
i be the leader of changing up the lame demeanor
the same procedures, BREAK

kids wana merchandise fore they a record made
sure to die certified unfertilized check my game
check the microphone annihilate demonstrate
venom on the molar pestilent rattle snake

battle grace sun tzu patron of the art of war
heartless and bipartisan to cartilage and carnivores
party store only selling crack and some orphan's art
no los altos gallery bless his heart

never stop the urchin from philosophizing gracefully
basically a patron of the trees and what they say to me
a poets twig is a lumberjack's toothpick
fo this all i see is rappers spitting bullshit

fresh blood to rock the new stage
i got the bad beats i got the young age
i got the new sound i got a hype crowd
i got to cloud 9, to reighn and say JEAU

maybe I should slow down for rich kids kids
instagramming yolo while i swagger on your bitches tits
translate dengenrates and sanskrit
bandage limbs advantage on the hymn we sung it anyway
demonstrate levitete

enlighten at excessive rates
seperate degenerate from pure bred etiquette
i never really fucked with it
maybe maybe just to get the chick

but im the sort of cousin always dreaming of some better shit
so il be pursuing it
wana come along find out how the fuck im doing
this new kid kicking like a baby in a uterus

a little truancy mooged and zooted beautifly
fluently new and damn true straight you knew its me